Applied Department

The ENYSSP applied department has many goals to accomplish, most important we aim to create a forum in which specialists in applied sport psychology all over Europe (and other parts of the world) can interact and learn from each other.

Goals & Responsibilities


The applied department is concerned with the promotion and organization of our annual workshop. It will have an active role in providing physical peer consultations during the workshop.

Webinars & Toolbox

Webinars will take place twice a year and cover various topics presented by highly qualified members or external speakers. The AD also aims to set up a toolbox in which members can share practical informations and exercises. 

Peer Consultations

PCs will take place every six weeks and should be accessible to a wide range of our members, We aim to ensure high quality and participation rates.


The applied department aims to increase awareness for certification possibilities as applied practicitioner by monitoring recent developments within the EU and worldwide.

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