The ENYSSP Toolbox

The Toolbox is a platform for ENYSSP members to share and exchange ideas about applied practices, such as games and activities, worksheets, and illustrative materials. The Toolbox was created and has been run by the Applied Department, but depends on members’ quality contributions. Remember, sharing is caring!

What is in our toolbox?


In this category share worksheets, which can be used to support psychological intervention or mental training activities with athletes or coaches (e.g., SMARTS goal setting worksheet)

Activities & Games

In this category share educational games and activities, which can be used during individual or group sessions with athletes or coaches (e.g., team building activity)   

Illustrative Material

In this category share interesting and educational stories, articles or videos, which help to illustrate some of the concepts that sport psychologists work with (e.g., ‘Haka’ dance video, which can be used to illustrate the notion of precompetitive routine)

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