Research Department

The aim of the research group is to promote and disseminate research on sport and exercise psychology. We will stimulate quality research and the integration of ENYSSP members into the scientific community.

Goals & Responsibilities

Webinars & Consultation

The research department aims to integrate new approaches to promote scientific exchange between our members. Therefore, webinars and group consutlations will be held which cover topics in accordance with the needs of our meembers.

Moreover, we will introduce "Ask the Expert" online office ours in which our members will have the opportunity to ask specific questions concerning their research.

Journals & Publishing

Setting up a peer-review journal (an open-access journal) where members will be encouraged to submit their work for a peer revision (short papers up to 1500 words in form of a research note). The principal aim of this journal is to have a platform where members can experience the process of publishing in a peer-reviewed journal. The revision process will mirror ones used in high ranked sport and exercise psychology journals (e.g., PSE, JSEP). With journal development there will be an opportunity to establish DOI numbers to function in the world of science.

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