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Members' benefits


Extensive Information

& Advice

ENYSSP keeps you up-to-date about most recent publications, news on recent job offers, study programmes and future conferences.
You have questions about more practical issues, like ethical guidelines or how to promote your business? - Why not ask the MC or our members?
The information is distributed via our Newsletter, Flash news, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on our website.


Active Involvement

ENYSSP offers you an exclusive chance to discuss applied cases with colleagues around the world during our regular Peer consulting sessions.

Another activity you can attend is Growing time for (new) practitioners where you can discuss any topic you would like with other practitioners.

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Online Activities

& Practical Tools

The ENYSSP departments offer useful tools, checklists, questionnaires, case studies, references and much more to support young specialists in the delivery of quality work in the field of sports.
All members have access to our membership-area with around 10 hours of webinars discussing different topics in the field of sport and exercise psychology.



& Sharing Experiences

ENYSSP has members all over Europe and the world.  We help our members connect with other specialists in their field or domain during the yearly ENYSSP Workshops and other ENYSSP-supported events.  
ENYSSP collaborates with other federations such as FEPSAC, ISSP and AASP. ENYSSP will be your voice if you want to provide them with new ideas or suggestions. 

Membership form

Calendar year membership fee is 25 Euros. By becoming a member you agree to our Terms & Conditions and the ENYSSP Statutes. Please note that membership payments will not be reimbursed.



How did you learn about ENYSSP?
What was your first encounter with ENYSSP?
What is/was your field of study? (more than one option allowed)
How are you currently involved with sport psychology? (more than one option allowed)
Other than your involvement in sport psychology, are you also sportively active?
What is your goal in relation with sport psychology?


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