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Visit our departments to discover practicaltools for your work, useful links, general and new books/ journals, a list of European universities and higher education institutes offering sport and exercise psychology degrees, as well as other contacts to start your network.

Education Department

The education group aims to provide information on sport psychology educational programs in Europe, sport psychology literature and on conferences in the area. For questions and comments please feel free to get in touch with our coordinators Anastasiya Khomutova and Cristiana Conti.

Research Department

The aim of the research group is to promote and disseminate research on sport and exercise psychology. We will stimulate quality research and the integration of ENYSSP members into the scientific community. For further questions or comments please feel free to get in touch with the coordinators Maximilian Pelka and Gosia Slawinska.

Applied Department

The ENYSSP applied department has many goals to accomplish, most important we aim to create a forum in which specialists in applied sport psychology all over Europe (and other parts of the world) can interact and learn from each other. For further question or comments please get in touch with our coordinators Snezana Stoljarova and Grzegorz Więcław.


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