The Country Reps Project aims to connect young specialists in sport psychology all over Europe and the World. 


~ coordinate European links between young researchers, educators and professional practitioners ~


~ promote and facilitate a cross-national cooperation for research, education and applied work in Sport and Exercise Psychology ~



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Meet our Country Rep Coordinator Julian Fritsch!

As country representative coordinator Julian is responsible for recruiting new country representatives as well as coordinating the efforts of our existing reps. He is the direct link between the ENYSSP MC and our members and therefore indispensable for our network.

Julian is currently a research assistant at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Sport and Sport Science in Germany. He holds a double degree of the European Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology from the University of Thessaly, Greece, and University of Leipzig Germany. His PhD is on the role of emotions and self-talk in sport performance. Furthermore, he is responsible for managing a project that aims to evaluate the effectiveness of an app in the rehabilitation process.

Current Country Representatives




Nikita Bhavsar

PhD candidate; School of Psychology and Speech Pathology, Curtin

University, Perth

About: My educational background includes an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Pune, India, and a double degree M.Sc. in Sport and Exercise Psychology from the University of Thessaly, Greece, and the University of Leipzig, Germany. I’m currently pursuing my PhD at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. My research involves the examination of behaviours of individuals in positions of authority (e.g. coaches, teachers, etc.), and how these can support or thwart key psychological needs of the people they interact with. I’m an avid exerciser and yoga enthusiast and love to travel as and when time permits.


Cedric Arijs

Sport Psychologist at Psy4Sport, Belgium

About:  Hey there! My name is Cedric Arijs and I am the Country Rep for Belgium. I live in Flanders, the northern Dutch-speaking part of the country. More specifically in the beautiful city of Ghent where we had the ENYSSP Workshop all the way back in 2005. Here I work as an applied sport psychologist. I am also active in VVSP (the Flemish Association for Sport Psychology) where I lead the 'Juniors' team specifically aiming to help out young, starting sport psychologists. My French-speaking countrymen do not need to fear, however, as I am also capable and available to assist them in French with any question they would have about ENYSSP. I joined ENYSSP in 2012 during my studies in the European Masters of Sport & Exercise Psychology and fell in love with its great diversity and enthusiastic members. Are you interested to learn more about ENYSSP or (sport psychology opportunities in) my country, feel free to contact me!


Fernanda Serra de Queiroz

Fernanda Serra de Queiroz, MSc, Mphil, is currently undertaking her PhD studies at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.  Her research and applied interests are life-skills interventions for youth, mindfulness, and psychoanalysis. Fernanda is a member of the Brazilian Sport and Exercise Psychology Society and a student member of the Australian Psychological Society College of Sport and Exercise Psychology. She is a registered psychologist in Brazil and Australia, and she has experience working with amateur and professional athletes in a variety of sports. 


Polina Hadjiyankova

My name is Polina Hadjiyankova and I have been a professional basketball player for 14 years. In 2005 I was awarded with a full athletic scholarship (NCAA Division 1). After I graduated in 2008 from Iona College (New York City) I played in professional clubs in Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Switzerland, and Italy. I have been a member of the Women's Bulgarian National Team. Unfortunately, two years ago due to a serious injury I had to end my basketball career. 

Since then, I decided to continue my education and work in the area of psychology and mainly sports psychology. In 2 years I made a lot of steps to start my new life and don't feel like a lost little kid in it. But it was all worth it. Now I hold a Bachelor degree in Psychology from Iona College and Masters degree in Sports Psychology at the Nation Sports Academy in Sofia. I am also a PhD candidate. I am a member of the Association of Psychologists in Bulgaria, and a member of the Association of Positive Psychotherapy in Bulgaria. At the moment I am working as a psychologist in a therapeutic center in Sofia- Pumpelina.  I am also working as a sports psychologist mainly on international basketball camps, doing presentations and individual consultations. I am also working with athletes worldwide, doing online consultations. 

Canada (West)

Alayne Hing

Mental Performance Consultant at Elite Edge, Calgary


Alayne Hing founded Elite Edge in 2006 after graduating with an M.Sc. in Sport/Performance Psychology from the University of Edinburgh. Alayne is a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA), the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), and is the Canadian Representative for the European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology (ENYSSP). Alayne has worked with various teams and individual athletes, and in addition to private clients, she is currently affiliated with the Canadian Sport Institute-Calgary. Her clients include individual Olympic & carded athletes, professional athletes, Speed Skating Canada (Long & Short Track), Cross Country Canada, Canadian Youth National Climbing Team, Canada Winter Games, Canada Summer Games, Tennis Canada, PGA, and CIS athletes.

Alayne is dedicated to work with both individual athletes and teams within the provincial, national and international sport systems to help them reach their peak performance with confidence. Her focus is on diversity and inclusion through sport. Topics of specialty include Motivation/Activation, Relaxation/Anxiety Reduction, Imagery/Visualization, Deliberate Practice, Ideal Performance State, and Pre-Performance Routines.

Canada (East)

Kaleigh Ferdinand Pennock


PhD candidate; University of Toronto Concussion Lab, Toronto, Canada.


About: Kaleigh is the country rep for Canada and is currently a fourth year PhD student in Exercise Sciences at the University of Toronto (UofT). She completed a double Master’s degree through the European Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology (EMSEP) program, graduating in 2014 from Lund University and Universität Leipzig.

As part of the Concussion Program at UofT, she studies psychosocial influences of concussion reporting

in youth athletes. Kaleigh also has a passion for sport and performance psychology, and this translates into both research and applied interests with dancers and athletes. She hopes to help bridge opportunities between

Canada and Europe for emerging sport and performance psychology practitioners and researchers. If you have any questions on or suggestions for Canadian-focused content with ENYSSP, get in touch with Kaleigh!


Rebeka Prosoli

External Associate (teaching and research assistant) at Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb.

Secretary of Sport Psychology Section at Croatian Psychological Association

About: My name is Rebeka Prosoli and I have a Master's Degree in Psychology from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. I’m also a judo coach, teaching and research external associate at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology, and secretary of the Section for Sport and Exercise Psychology at Croatian Psychological Association. Currently I’m attending training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.




Laur Nurkse

Laur studied mathematics for a year after which he decided to go spend the next year in the Estonian military. Military mentality got him hooked to psychology and moreover to sport and performance psychology. Next up was receiving a Bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Tartu, Estonia. And now finishing the EMSEP Masters in University of Thessaly and University of Jyväskylä. Sport wise swimming and football have followed him throughout his life - having been a lifeguard in open seas and indoor pools for 4 years in the past. First meeting with football was as a player in the younger ages until reaching the U-17 Estonian national team. Secondly, as a coach for adolescents for 3 years with Estonian Football Association coaching badges and National Olympic Committee certificate. Lastly, now as a sport psychology consultant for various football clubs and the Estonian Football Association. He still holds academic research aims in mind, however when applied work is concerned, then performance psychology of football certainly takes the main stage.


Anu Nässi

PhD Candidate and Research Associate at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.

Sport Psychology Consultant at Mind Zone, Finland.

Secretary and Board Member of the Finnish Association of Sport Psychology (SUPY).

About: Despite being currently located in Germany (PhD studies), I am still active in the Finnish sport psych

community and association (SUPY). Ota ihmeessä yhteyttä jos haluat lisätietoja tästä loistavasta kansainvä

lisestä yhteisöstä!


Maria Kirdeeva

Entrepreneur,“Boulangerie d’Aguilar”, Tuchan, France.

About: Maria Kirdeeva obtained her Bachelor degree in General Psychology from Herzen State Pedagogical

University in Russia and she has got the double Master degree in Sport Psychology from Lund University

(Sweden) and Leipzig University (Germany). Maria used to be a gymnast at a high level. She has got a

large experience of work as a sport psychologist with gymnasts and ice-hockey players. Now she lives in

France and runs her little bakery business. At the same time she writes popular science articles about sport

and exercise psychology for different Russian sport magazines and she continues to work as a mental

trainer with some athletes via Skype.
Maria is accredited by French Society of Sport Psychology.


Martin-Leo Reinhard

About: M.Sc. Psychology of Sport & Exercise, German Sport University
Cologne, Cologne
Moin, my Name is Leo (or Martin, feel free to choose), currently living in Cologne, finishing the master program M.Sc. Psychology in Sport and Exercise at the German Sports University (before that, I studied Psychology at the University of Mannheim). Also, I am currently doing a training for applied sport psychology (asp curriculum). Having worked / studied in Manila (Philippines), Istanbul (Turkey) and Cape Town (South Afrika) showed me the importance and value of international teams that are passionate about one topic. This is what I also realized at the first ENYYSP conference (2017 in Zagreb): sport (psychology) has the power to change the world (apologies, Nelson Mandela).
Academically, I am interested in the perception and ethics of sport psychology, transfer between the applied field and science (both ways), players’ and coaches’ development, discussions about the potential added-value of diagnostics, and moral issues in sport (psychology).

For any ENYSSP and/or sport psychology related topics, please contact me


Vaggelis Manolopoulos-Dekaristos

PhD Candidate, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
About: While studying Psychology at the University of Athens I came across with the field of Sport
Psychology. Integrating my passion for sports with my academic expertise seemed to me as
the perfect combination for future career. Therefore, I continued my studies by completing
the MSc in Sport Psychology, University of Thessaly. At the present time, I am PhD candidate
at the University of Athens combining my academic life with applied work.


Máté Smohai , PhD

Lecturer, Károli Gáspár Protestant University, Hungary.

Sport psychology Consultant

About: I used to have bad stress-managing experiences on the basketball court although I was a good player and

member of the Hungarian national youth basketball squad. Nobody could help me handling my nervousness and anxiety. Not my friends, not my parents, not even my coach. So I decided to be an expert of the mental aspect of sports in order to help other athletes who are in a similarly difficult situation. Who are talented, motivated, but often perform below their capacities due to lack of confidence.


I finished my Master’s degree in psychology at Budapest (Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church) in 2010. Then I completed a 2-year postgraduate specialist training in sport psychology (Semmelweis University).

Since 2013 in my private practice I have been working with different kinds of athletes, mainly basketball and volleyball players.  In 2015 I finished my PhD in psychology (University of ELTE). My main vision and goal is to bridge sport psychology research and practice for supplying athletes with meaningful evidence-based techniques and mental training.


Kate O’Keeffe

My name is Kate! I’m from a beautiful place called Galway on the west coast of Ireland. I grew up playing any sport that I could get my hands on; athletics, horse riding, swimming, taekwondo etc., but my primary sport was camogie, which is the ladies equivalent of hurling, one of two national sports of Ireland.

I studied my undergraduate degree in Physical Education at the University of Limerick Ireland, where I also did a study abroad semester at the University of Michigan. Post-graduation, I moved to the United Arab Emirates where I taught Physical Education for 2 years and was head coach for a variety of sports teams. It was there that I surprisingly developed my love for the second national sport of Ireland, Gaelic Football where we played all over the Middle East.

In 2012, I moved to Finland, where I began my journey in the European Masters of Sports and Exercise Psychology which has brought me to Greece, Leipzig and facilitated me in conducting research in Nepal! It’s been an invaluable experience thus far, where I have learned essential psychological skills and strategies and likewise gained experience that will set me up for my future career in the sports and exercise psychology field. 


Edoardo Ciofi

I’m a sport psychologist and a Psychoterapist in formation. My passion for the study of the human mind started the wedding with the sport area in 2013, when I took my Master in Sport Psychology in Italy. After that I started to work as a freelance in Sport Psycholgist with an Italian group of Sport Psychologists: B-Skilled.

I always played sport (football, tennis, skiing) so my passion for my work helps me to be in contact with the athlete’s world. With a preference for the team sports, I actually work in Italian Federation of Football and in Torino FC Spa.

I had experiences in various sport like hockey, tennis, basketball and volleyball.

My favourite areas to work with are coaches training and group and team work.

I love to use, in my job, some technologies like Bio- and Neurofeedback and Virtual Reality.


Francesca Messi

Hi! My name is Francesca and I’m from Trieste. I am a sport psychologist and a psychotherapist in training. Iam also an alpine skiing instructor, after having practiced it for 12 years at a competitive level; alpine skiinghas been in my life since I was 3 years old, and I couldn't think of a life without it. Sport psychology hasbeen my interest since I was a freshman: I wanted to combine my studies with my passion for sport. Thus,after obtaining my Master Degree in Psychology at the University of Trieste, I attended a post-graduatespecialization course at the Center for Sport Psychology and Human Performance "Umbro Marcaccioli" inTurin. Currently I’m working with athletes and coaches of both individual and team sports. What I loveabout my job is to deal with young athletes and their coaches to build together the best strategies to copewith the stress of competitions and allow them to enjoy sport, practicing it with more serenity.


Frank Muller

Frank Muller received a B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Luxembourg and then moved to Berlin to get a Master degree in Sport Psychology. Frank has played basketball on the top elite level in Luxembourg as well as college basketball in the USA. He was a member of the Luxembourgish National Team. Frank has worked with elite (youth) athletes from different sports, such as basketball, handball, cycling, volleyball, swimming, soccer, tennis and table tennis. Furthermore he runs workshops and seminars in various sports psychology-related topics and was a lecturer in sport psychology at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Right now he works in Luxembourg as the sports coordinator and sports psychologist of an international youth basketball project, as well as independent sports psychologist. His personal areas of interest include performance enhancement, coping with pressure, mindfulness and the use of sports as a tool for social inclusion.


Age Scheper

MSc Human Movement Sciences

Teacher / Researcher at HAN University of Applied Sciences

Hi, I’m Age living in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. During my youth I found out that I’m not a great football player. However, when I gave a lot of effort and intensity my performance came close to the somewhat better players in my team. This is where my interest in sport psychology sparked. I am a sport psychologist in formation at the VSPN (Dutch association for sport psychologists) and currently working for the School of Sport and Exercise at HAN University of Applied Sciences. Where I teach future sport professionals and PE teachers in research and the field of sport and exercise psychology. I strongly believe in educating future sport professionals in how to apply sport psychological skills and tools in practice.


For more information about ENYSSP and/or sport psychology in the Netherlands, please contact me or my associate Lars van der Heijden


Marcus Manalo

Marcus is currently an assistant professor at the University of the Philippines College of Human Kinetics and the sport psychology consultant for the Philippine National Boxing Team and the Lyceum of the Philippines University. He is also the co-chairperson of the Sport and Exercise Psychology – Special Interest Group of the Psychological Association of the Philippines. Marcus has worked with athletes and coaches from various sports (basketball, volleyball, football, and softball) and competition levels (high school, college, and professional). He finished his master’s degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences with concentration in Exercise and Sport Psychology at Texas Tech University.


Karolina Chlebosz

About: Karolina is currently PhD candidate, specializing in Sport Psychology at the
University School of Physical Education in Poznan, Poland. She received her master’s degree in physical
education from University School of Physical Education and master’s degree in
psychology from Adam Mickiewicz University. Her interests lie in integrated approaches in the fields of psychology, physical activity, sports, exercise science and health to promote active living and extend
knowledge about mental impact in the sport performance. She has been involved in
several projects and many scientific conferences with themes related with sporty
psychology and exercise.
Since 2014 she is one of the international young scholars participants in Future
Leader Volunteer Program. As a Future Leader she participated in APCESS, India
2016, GoFPEP 2016, Turkey and ICSPHW, Philippines, 2016 .
Karolina is an applied sport psychologist.
She inspires children to reach their full potential, by exercises involving body &
mind . She educates teachers, coaches and collaborate with schools to empower
children to become creators. She tries to motivate children and teachers/ coaches to
improve their quality of life by sharing and practicing health strategies with others.
Karolina collaborate with publishing houses, magazines and portals writing about
psychology, sports psychology and mental training. Her first book will be published
in april 2017.
She is also the current ambassador in Kathrine Switzer organization
which enlisting women who find solace, strength and freedom in running. Her mission is to bring the love of movement to others. She completed in numerous of half-marathons, marathons, ultramarathons
and triathlons.


Nuno Antunes

Nuno was born in Barreiro, Portugal. He has a Bachelor in Sports Sciences, a Master in Physical Education and an European Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology. He studied and worked in Finland, Germany and Mozambique. Currently, he is a Teacher, Coach and Tutor in a Secondary School in Portugal. His academic interests are, among many, positive youth development through Sport.


Elena-Madalina Margarit

Elena-Madalina Margarit is a BASES (The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences) Accredited Sport & Exercise Scientist (Psychology Support) who is currently based in Romania, working with tennis coaches, players and parents across all levels of performance, as well as student-athletes. She has been involved in applied work with track and field athletes, gymnasts, netball, football and lacrosse teams, rowers, badminton and tennis players. Her interests include coach-athlete relationship, reflective practice in sports, cultural sport psychology, family systems therapy, gamification and game-based approaches to practice.


Konstantin Bochaver

Hello! My name is Konstantin “Kostja” Bochaver, I’m a sport psychologist from Moscow, Russia. I learned social psychology in Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, and in 2012 I defended PhD thesis about coping behavior in difficult life-situations of youth. Since 2010 I work at the Department of Psychology in the Moscow Center of Sport Technologies and continue my scientific work in the Research and Practical Center of Sport Medicine and Medical Rehabilitation as a research fellow. I have a regular practice too, because I was invited as a “psy coach” in the Russian National climbing team. Currently the major topic of my scientific and practical interest is coping behavior in sport and an mental toughness. I am really happy to join ENYSSP as a country representative and I hope that there will be strong and positive connection between European and Russian professionals and students.

Saudi Arabia

Mohammad Maldosari

About: I am Mohammad Aldosari from Saudi Arabia. I obtained my master degree in Physical Education from King Saud University, I am a Ph.D.
Right now I am a PhD candidate at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain.  My research interests in the field of psychosocial aspects of sport and physical activity.and I have lectured in the College of Sport Sciences and Physical Activity at the University of King Saud since 2004. I hope to bridge the gap in the Arab world between science and sport and meet the challenges in the field of sports psychology.


Andrea Poláčková

I completed Master’s degrees in Psychology in Slovakia and Sport and Exercise Psychology in Finland. My main research focus has been on equestrian sport in which I am still active. To work on my professional and personal growth, I regularly participate in different conferences and workshops. I have an integrative coaching training (INTECO) completed in the Czech Republic. In my applied practice, I work mostly with people from the sport environment. I also have experience working with children on autistic spectrum disorder. Currently, I am based in the UK and partially in Slovakia. Except for ENYSSP, I am also a member of the Slovak association of sport psychology.


Nastasja Minja

I did Sport and Exercise Psychology master program at University of Thessaly. There I obtained my master’s degree with an experiment-based research on the topic of “The Effects of Self-Talk on Flow and Performance in Elite Tae Kwon Do Athletes” which is now adjoining my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Ljubljana.

I found my calling in applied sport psychology where by increasing the wellbeing of athletes, coaches, teams and everyone else involved in the world of sports, we can lead to the desired success in competitive settings as well as reaching other important goals.

I have lived in several countries (Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Greece) and have had the outstanding opportunity to meet and interact with people from many different cultures which remains one of my main interests. Other two hobbies that I should mention are organizing social events and fighting sports.

South Africa

Brent Chad Levenson

About: Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Brent achieved his undergraduate degree from Stellenbosch University, majoring in Sport Science and Psychology. This was followed by a European Master's in Sport and Exercise Psychology (EMSEP) from Lund University (Sweden) in 2015. Additionally, he has gained knowledge and experience working in sport and exercise psychology from Leipzig University (Germany) and Staffordshire University (UK). Brent’s qualitative, exploratory Master's thesis was entitled, “A football coaching perspective of imagery: Personal experience, use with players and meaning”.

I enjoy helping people to achieve their full potential in all walks of life and my main passions are sport (especially football) and health. I am a firm believer in harnessing the power of the mind to achieve balance, healing and holistic wellbeing. We are rational, resilient and tenacious creatures, and our energy creates chemistry, which can either fuel disease or facilitate wellbeing. I am fascinated by the ability of the imagination to create neural circuitry, the role of stress and fear in perpetuating disease states, and how we as human beings in the modern world have become so dependent on being told what to do and the advice of experts that we often go against the millennia old intuition and expertise of our own being. 

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." ~ Albert Einstein


Anna Jordana

My name is Anna, and I am from Catalonia. I am graduated in Psychology and I took a master’s degree in Neuroscience. I have always been involved in sport and performance activities such as football, human towers and music.

I am currently developing my PhD in sport psychology as a member of the research group Grup d’Estudis de Psicologia de l’Esport (GEPE) at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where I also teach in the subject of sport psychology. My research topic is the role of functional and dysfunctional beliefs of elite athletes throughout their sports career, although my areas of interest are more extensive (e.g., women's sport, performance activities, dual career).

Before my full-time PhD dedication, I was working in the Athlete Support Service at the High Performance Centre in Sant Cugat del Vallès. In 2017 I did the European Master in Sport & Exercise Psychology in Trikala (Greece), and as part of my International PhD, I did a research stay in the group Sport Psychology and Mental Support at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium).


Marta Borrueco Carmona

Hello! My name is Marta and I am from the Balearic Islands. I have been living in Barcelona for 10 years since I moved there to study my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the Universitat de Barcelona. Once I finished my degree, I did two master’s degrees, one in Sport and Exercise Psychology and one in Research in Health Psychology, both at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

I am a member of the research group Grup d’Estudis en Psicologia de l’Esport (GEPE) at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where I am currently undertaking a PhD in sport psychology and teaching in the fields of psycholinguistics and sport psychology. Although my PhD is focused on the role of the coach and its influence in athletes’ development throughout their athletic career, my research interests also include the role of the parents in youth sport and the peculiarities of women’s sport, especially in football (or soccer, whatever you prefer), since I have been coaching young girls teams for the past few years, besides being a player for more than 15 years.


Emma Nilsson

Emma Nilsson received a B.Sc in Psychology from Lund University. She was at the time a soccer coach and was struggling to help her players mentally and chose to continue with a Master's degree. She moved to Oxford, OH, to study sport psychology and leadership at Miami University. After graduation she got a summer internship position at IMG academy where she spent the summer teaching youth athletes about leadership and got to practice her presentation skills. She is currently running her own private practice in Sweden where she consults with individuals and teams along with taking an applied class in sport psychology at Halmstad University. Her areas of interests are mainly leadership, performance enhancement, and cohesion. 


Stephanie Müller

In 2014 I completed the Master of Sport Sciences in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Jyväskylä. Currently, I am enrolled in the Master Program of Business and Organizational Psychology at the University of Bern, Switzerland. My research interests include emotional intelligence, coach-athlete relationship, and mindfulness. My strong suit however is in the applied field. Since 2013 I am self-employed as a sport psychological consultant, where I assist both individual athletes and teams from different sport fields such as golf, soccer, running, and curling.


Ezgi Aypar

I did my bachelor in psychology and later studied sport and exercise psychology at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. I played basketball and now I combined my two enthusiasms sport and psychology. Currently, I am living in Ankara/Turkey and working at Olympic Training Center

United Kingdom

Tulio Barbosa

Tulio obtained his Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology and his Bachelor’s degree in Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences from Brunel University London. He has since worked as a Sport Psychology Consultant with athletes from a range of sports, including football, athletics and fencing. Most recently, he has been supporting UCL’s Elite Athlete Programme, which is designed to assist a select number of gifted and talented athletes who continue to compete at the highest level while studying at University. Since attending the last two editions of the conference, Tulio feels passionate about growing ENYSSP’s profile amongst the sport psychology community in the UK. In his spare time Tulio enjoys playing football, and exploring new places and cuisine. 

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