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Support & Strengthen

The ENYSSP Applied Department aims to support our members in their professional development 

To strengthen the quality of their practice and expand their support network
through providing a safe platform in which open knowledge and applied experiences can be found.

For questions and comments please feel free to get in touch with us. 

Bernadette Ramaker & Ismael Pedraza


Goals & Responsibilities

2019 - 2023

Read more about goals and responsibilities of our Applied Department.

Peer Consultations

The ENYSSP Peer Consultation Sessions aim to help maintaining and enhancing sport
psychology consultancy skills, to manage difficult clients, and adhere to the ethical
principles of the discipline. They are open to those members who are currently working
and have already gained some supervised experience as applied practitioners.

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annie-spratt-g9KFpAfQ5bc-unsplash (3).jp


The Applied Department is hosting a From Research to Practice: Talent Development Webinar Series in 2020. In this series, we invite internationally recognized applied practitioners and researchers who share their insights, thoughts, and personal experiences in regards to talent development in sports. All webinars can be (re)watched via the member area of the website.

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