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Peer Consultation Sessions (PCS) 

peers working together

Rationale and Aims

  • Peer consultation is the process of peers working together for mutual benefit

  • Open to those members who are currently working and have already gained some supervised experience as applied practitioners 

  • The aim is to help maintain and enhance their skills, manage difficult clients, and adhere to the ethical principles of the discipline

  • They are held online every couple of months


Step 1:

If you are interested in being a part of the PCS, please fill out the registration form bellow


Prior to the PCS

  • You will receive an e-mail from the applied department with the exact date of the next PCS

  • If you have, prepare and submit a case:

    • Why the client (athlete, coach, team etc.) say they wanted sport psychology input 

    • Case formulation/needs analysis 

    • A short background of the client 

    • ‘Set off’ behaviour/s, triggers relevant to the issue 

    • Describe any resultant effects of the issue, factors that influence, maintain and/or increase the behaviour/s 

    • Describe any coping mechanisms that the client engages in 

    • Intervention delivered so far, objectives, any underpinning technical/theoretical rationale 

    • Response to the intervention so far, if any 

    • Your main question for this case personal reflection/evaluation of the process

  • When we gather all the cases, we will send it out to vote - the case with the most votes will be presented at the PCS

  • Before the meeting, you will be sent the case with the most votes and your job is to familiarize yourself with it and prepare your questions​


At the PCS

  1.  Introductions and questions regarding the procedure​​

  2. Gathering information about the elected case by asking questions

  3. Analysing the situation

    1. ​Content of the case 

    2. Ethical considerations 

    3. What is the key question that requires a solution in this case? 

  4. Individual suggestions for solutions​

  5. Reaction of the case submitter

  6. Evaluation

  7. Closure

Reference: This procedure is originally created by Mark Schuls, 2011-2015 member of the applied department of the ENYSSP MC and applied sport psychologist at TipTop Sport (


Each PCS participant should send their suggestions for the case to the PCS leader within a deadline of one week. Then the PCS leader will send a report to all participants in which case, the main question and the provided solutions are described.

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