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Mission & Vision



The European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology is an altruistic association and pursues non-profit goals of public interest.


The aims of ENYSSP are to give support in education, research, professional practice and service delivery to young people with official qualification or an interest in the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology.Within ENYSSP  the young specialists are given a possibility to engage in an active role within the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology.


To achieve these aims we pursue the follwoing objectives:


  • To coordinate European links between young researchers, educators and professional practitioners.

  • To promote and facilitate a cross-national cooperation for research, education and applied work in SEP.

  • To encourage young researchers and professionals in SEP to enhance the quality of their work.

  • To disseminate Sport and Exercise related information.

  • To support the development and standardisation of official degrees in Sport and Exercise Psychology within Europe.

  • To promote SEP in sport and exercise governing bodies, sport federations and clubs, health and rehabilitation centres, etc.

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