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Guidelines & Submission

Guidelines & Submission for ENYSSP Conference

First of all, thank you for your interest in active participation at ENYSSP Conference.
Below you can find detailed information on the kind of abstract/presentation you may submit as
well as formatting guidelines. However, we created an abstract template which we recommend
you to use as it contains the necessary formatting, and as such saves time to you and to our review
Thank you!

Abstract submission:
06.11.2023 – (06.01.2024)
Deadline extended until 31.01.2024!

Abstract template

Download the sample template


General Abstract Guidelines

Document type and style:
Please check information on submission types for specific instructions
​We only accept WORD files following APA 7 th edition
Layout: Single paragraph, justified, single spacing; Calibri font, size 12

Word limit: 300-350 words
Including in-text citations, but excluding the title, names, affiliations, emails
Abstracts exceeding the limit will be returned without being reviewed to be shortened
When naming your file please use this format
TypeOfPresentation_Surname_DateOfSubmissionDD-MM (e.g., Workshop_Sors_15-01)
Before submitting your abstract, please proofread it for spelling and grammar errors

Submission/review process:

You will receive an email confirmation about receiving your submission.
Information about the review results will be sent the latest 3 weeks after the submission deadline
Some abstracts are accepted pending revisions; in that case, it will be important to re-
submit your abstract within the deadline that will be communicated in the e-mail
Please be aware that your abstract could be accepted for a different type of presentation
(e.g. you submit a workshop proposal and it is accepted as a short oral presentation)



Workshops are 90 minutes long, and can focus on research or applied sport and exercise
psychology. Workshops are expected to involve active participation through interaction
discussions, demonstrations and/ or experiential learning. Research workshops can include, but
are not limited to, topics related to research methods, theory measurement development, or
professional development. Applied workshops should be focused on professional practice, ethical
issues, effective teaching techniques, or career development. Evidence-based practice workshops
will be given priority.
Workshop abstract must cover these sections:

  1. 1. Introduction (theoretical framework, overview of topic)

  2. 2. Aim & Method (learning objectives, teaching methods)

  3. 3. Closure (take home messages)​


Oral presentations

Short oral presentations are max. 10 minutes long and must be focused on one specific topic. The
topics can include presentation of research related activity or applied work.
Short oral presentation abstract must cover these sections:
Research topics
1. Introduction (theoretical framework & problem statement)
2. Methodology
3. Results summary
4. Discussion (implications of the results)
Applied topics
1. Introduction (theoretical framework & problem statement)
2. Purpose of the presentation
3. Closure (implications of the experience)

Support Group


Individuals or groups of authors can present their scientific work in the form of a poster. No thematic
restriction applies within the area of sport and exercise psychology. The presenting author is expected to be present during the whole duration of the poster session and gets the opportunity to meet and discuss with individuals interested in the area of study. Scientific jargon must be kept to a minimum to ensure the easiness of understanding for all participants.

Poster abstract must cover these sections:
1. Introduction (theoretical framework & problem statement)
2. Methodology
3. Results summary
4. Discussion (implications of the results)

The poster format should be A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm)

Abstract submission - Deadline expired 
Upload File

The deadline has expired on January 31st.

In case you still would like to contribute, try to send an email to

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