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Course details

Certificate in practice-oriented sports psychology 

General aspects

Attainment level (B.Sc. M.Sc. PhD): postgraduate certificate

Name Organisation/ University: University of Leuven     

Address: FaBeR, Tervuursevest 101, 3001 Heverlee

Country: Belgium

Organisational aspects

Number of spots: A maximum of 10 participants is allowed; the training is not organized with fewer than 6 participants. A selection interview is held due to the maximum capacity of the study program.

Costs/ tuition fee: 4500 €

Start of the program: organized every two years (check website)

Application deadline: organized every two years (check website)

Language of tuition: Dutch

Admittance of foreign students: no

Study duration/Workload (ECTS): 4 semesters (2 years)

Study structure/mode:

  • 100 contact hours: thematic lessons held on Saturdays for which students are asked to read literature in advance

  • 300 internship hours:

    • 1 ° Focus on the guidance of top athletes in combining a top sports career and higher education studies. In this process, links must be sought with performance-enhancing mental skills.

    • 2 ° Observation internship with sports psychologists active within the Flemish sports scene.

    • 3 ° During the first year, in consultation with the coordinators of the program, students put together an internship. After approval, this internship is followed through during the second course year.

    • All pillars are supervised by the training coordinators in collaboration with sports psychologists who have expertise in various sports disciplines, settings (elite sports schools, individual coaching, teams, ...) and levels (from recreational to Olympian).

  • Preparation and processing assignments linked to the thematic sessions

  • Exams for auxiliary subjects

  • Presentation and defense of the portfolio with all relevant internship experiences and processing assignments

  • Permanent internship evaluation by supervisor(s) of the program

Practical internship (yes/no): Yes, 300 hours

Formal supervision (yes/no): Yes

Additional aspects

Target group and Study focus:

The program is aimed at psychologists with an affinity for performance sports and with the ambition to provide added value for the athlete, their coaches and their environment through scientifically substantiated interventions.

What to do afterwards, jobs perspectives

Students are expected to be able to function in a high performance setting as expert of the psychological aspects of high performance

Entry Requirements
The program is only open to Masters in Psychology.



How to apply

More details HERE


Contact details: dr. Stef Van Puyenbroeck, Program Coordinator (



Additional materials

Additional materials
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