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M.Sc. Sportpsychologie 

General aspects

Attainment level (B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D.): M. Sc.

Name Organisation/ University: Business School Berlin    

Address: Calandrellistraße 1–9, D-12247 Berlin

Country: Germany

Organizational aspects

Number of spots: Approximately 15-20

Costs/tuition fee: 590€ per month

Start of the program: October

Application deadline: none

Language of tuition: German

Admittance of foreign students: Yes, but German language proficiency needed (C1-level)

Study duration/Workload (ECTS): 24 months (full time), 180 credits

Study structure/mode: full-time, part-time

Practical internship (yes/no): No

Formal supervision (yes/no): No

Additional aspects

Target group and Study focus:

Graduates with psychological or sport science background (or studies with link to sport, or personal link to and experiences in sport)

What to do afterwards, jobs perspectives:

The Master’s degree in Sport Psychology qualifies you for a professional, science-based occupation in the field of competitive sport. It involves a holistic development process that includes teaching of essential academic content along with practical and methodological competences and your own experiences in dealing with professional sportspeople, clubs, Olympic training centres and centres of excellence.

Entry Requirements:

German language proficiency (C1-level), undergraduate study (psychology, sport science, or study program with link to sport (science).

How to apply


Online via the website

Special opportunity: Double master’s degree

2 psychology master’s degrees in just 3 years

The Sport Psychology master’s degree at BSP is designed so that graduates of this master’s course can gain a second master’s in just one extra year.
The content of all the master’s programmes builds upon the foundations of general professional competence in management, professional competence in psychology and methodological competence, which means that this content can automatically be recognised in a subsequent master’s programme.

In two semesters you will acquire the specific professional competences of your chosen master’s degree and demonstrate the expertise you have gained in the final master’s thesis.


Click HERE to apply

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