Education Map


Postgraduate specialist training program

in Sport Psychology

General aspects

Attainment level (B.Sc. M.Sc. PhD): Postgradual specialist training.

Name Organisation/ University: University of Physical Education      

Address: Alkotás u. 44., Budapest, Hungary H-1123

Country: Hungary

Organisational aspects

Number of spots: 45

Costs/ tuition fee: 800 € per semester

Start of the program: Sept 15th

Application deadline: Aug 31st

Language of tuition: Hungarian

Admittance of foreign students: yes

Study duration/Workload (ECTS): 4 semesters (2 years), 120 Credit Points, 580 Workload hours

Study structure/mode: two days per week (Fridays and Saturdays) (changes per semester)

Practical internship (yes/no): Yes

Formal supervision (yes/no): Yes

Additional aspects

Target group and Study focus:

Target group is those person who have accomplished the Psychology M.Sc. degree. Focus of the study is highly applied: provides knowledge and foundational practical skills necessary to pursue careers sport psychology practice.

What to do afterwards, jobs perspectives

In Hungary there is an increasing interest toward sport psychologists including federations, sport clubs, and individual sessions. In Hungary most of sport psychologist are freelancers with or without a full time employment (eg. as a lecturer in any university).

Entry Requirements

Psychology M.Sc. degree