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European Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology (M.Sc./ PhD)

General aspects

Attainment level (B.Sc. M.Sc. PhD): M.Sc. and PhD

Name Organisation/University: Department of Physical Education & Sport Science University of Thessaly   

Address: Secretariat office of MSc, Karies, 42100, Trikala

Country: Greece

Organizational aspects

Number of spots: 20

Costs/tuition fee: 4.000 € for 2 years (for free: A bike to every student, meals and dinners at the Department’s restaurant)

Start of the program: September 2024

Application deadline: 1st of April

Language of tuition: English

Admittance of foreign students: yes

Study duration/Workload (ECTS): 4 semesters (2 years), 120 Credit Points

Study structure/mode:

First Semester: Seven 3-Day Course Blocks (1-Block / 2 Weeks)

Second Semester: One Week of Intensive Courses & four 3-Day Blocks (1 block / month).

Third Semester: four 2-day blocks (1 block / month).

Fourth Semester: Thesis (30 ECTS) is for research thesis only​

Practical internship (yes/no): Yes (3rd semester)

Formal supervision (yes/no): Yes

Additional aspects

Target group and Study focus:

The aim of the program is to offer master’s level education in the area of Exercise and Sport Psychology and to educate students to a professional level.

Students will acquire the necessary knowledge and competencies that will enable them to understand human behaviour in exercise and sport contexts and to apply effectively their knowledge to enhance physical activity, health, well-being, and high performance in the areas of public health and sports. Sport and exercise psychology seeks to understand psychological factors that occur in sports, physical activity and exercise. The focus is on behaviour, emotions and cognitions of persons involved in sport and exercise settings, e.g. exercise participants, athletes, coaches, teachers, therapists, parents, spectators, officials etc. Sport and exercise psychology draws upon the scientific fields of psychology, sport, education and health sciences.

What to do afterwards, jobs perspectives

Graduates of the program have:

  • Received scholarships for doctoral studies throughout the world (e.g, Europe, US, Canada, Australia).

  • Setup own sport psychology business

  • Work with clubs and organizations as sport and exercise psychology consultants

Entry Requirements

Bachelor's degree in Sport Science, Psychology, Social Psychology, Health Science or another relevant field. Proof of English language proficiency

How to apply

Please send to  and cc to

  • A letter of intent, explaining why you want to study in this program.

  • Your Curriculum Vitae.

  • Your university degrees (with an official translation in the English language if required). Current students expecting to graduate until summer might provide an official letter from their university confirming that they finished all requirements to obtain their degree.

  • For graduates from non-English speaking universities: A proof of your proficiency in the English language. Candidates should submit their applications along with all the necessary enclosed documents (proofs) via e-mail.

  • Click HERE for more details about the application process


Additional materials

Additional materials
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