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Master in Sport Psychology
– Level I

General aspects

Attainment level (B.Sc. M.Sc. PhD):

Name Organisation/University: IUSVE - Istituto Universitario Salesiano Venezia      

Address: Via dei Salesiani, 15, 30174 Venice VE

Country: Italy

Organisational aspects

Number of spots: the program starts with a minimum of 22 students

Costs/tuition fee: 4.200 euros + 100 euros UPS enrolment fee + 100 euros diploma fee (the fee is divided in four instalments)

Start of the program: January 23rd 

Application deadline: Sign up for the Open Day and selection interviews on June 6th or on September 12th

Language of tuition: Italian

Admittance of foreign students: yes

Study duration/ Workload (ECTS): 15 months, 60 ECTS for a total of 1.500 hours (320 lectures and classroom workshops, 250 project work and case work, individualized training activities, project thesis and individual study)

Study structure/mode: weekends (Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00); the attendance of 2/3 of the total number of lecture days is mandatory (27 days out of 40)

Practical internship (yes/no): Yes

Formal supervision (yes/no): Yes

Additional aspects

Target group and Study focus:

Sport and exercise psychology is now established as a discipline capable of integrating knowledge and skills that derive from different areas of sports sciences, behavioural sciences and neurosciences. Because of the connection between motor and psychological aspects involved in sports at any level, the University Master's degree is aimed at both psychology graduates and sport sciences graduates, dividing them into two training courses that provide common and differentiated courses, taking into consideration the different training curriculums of the two professions.

The purpose of the 1st level University Master in Sports Psychology arises from the need to train professionals who, in relation to their specific basic training, know how to operate competently and effectively within different sport contexts and also in the recreational, social, preventive, rehabilitative and organizational contexts.

What to do afterwards, jobs perspectives:

Graduates looking to pursue a career in the applied setting may consider a career as a sport psychological expert, providing performance and personal development support to professional, recreational athletes or clients outside of the sport setting or intervening in different sport or motor contexts:​

competitive level (federations, national teams and also amateur and youth contexts);

supporting goals, such as the promotion of physical and sporting activities in various sections of the population; increasing individual and team performance; developing and monitoring programs that use sport as a tool for social integration, education, promotion of individual and group well-being;

in the recreational context and promotion of health and well-being, having the ability to support people’s motivation for physical exercise and requests related to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Graduates, with specific skills in sports psychology, will therefore be able to respond, always in relation to their specific basic professional training, to requests from all figures and from all contexts involved in motor and sport activities, such as federations, sports clubs , sports promotion bodies, educational agencies (e.g. school and family), individual athletes, coaches, managers and referees.

Entry Requirements

Completed bachelor degree in Sport Sciences or Psychology (or degrees in a related field of study that have been named differently in the past; or degrees from different fields in which case the president and vice-president will announce an additional interview where the candidate has to present his/her curriculum and study background)

Graduating students can be enrolled in the course as Higher Education. For detailed information please see the official website.

How to apply

Candidates must sign up for one of the open days (on June 6th or on September 12th from 10:00 to 10:45) and for the selection interviews that will take place following the open day. To participate at the open day and the motivational interview, you must register via the Eventbrite link that can be find on the official website.

Video presentation

Additional materials
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