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Goals & Responsibilities

Research Department

Goals & responsibilities


& Advising

The Research Department aims to integrate new approaches to promote scientific knowledge and its exchange between our members. To this purpose, on the one hand relevant webinars will be delivered, on the other hand we will offer the Research Project Review (RPR) service, providing an external advice to students and young researchers. We are also planning to build a research directory of the skillset of ENYSSP members who are interested in being a mentor or collaborating with other early career researchers.




The most ambitious goal for our term is the establishment of an official ENYSSP scientific journal. The aim is to have a journal mostly dedicated to young researchers, where they can submit their studies, receive fair and constructive comments from prominent researchers (e.g., previous ENYSSP keynotes), and potentially publish their first articles. 



We would like to run some studies on topics of general interest, collecting data in different countries thanks to the collaboration of our members. This would allow showing similarities and differences in terms of psychological needs and/or intervention methods across Europe, further favouring the exchange of knowledge and ideas. 

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